New UI - trial expires after an hour or so

I installed v. 2.807 maybe 45 minutes ago and I've seen the warning pop-up at least five times. Could this be set to wait 24 hours before reappearing? I'm probably gonna get a lifetime license but it would be nice to demo it without such frequent reminders.

Well five minutes after typing that, BTT is now telling me my trial has expired. :frowning:

It should already be once per day until the last two trial days - then it shows more often.

Well...I hadn't downloaded the latest update until this evening and definitely saw it over and over....but I've just bought a lifetime license so hopefully all done with that :slight_smile:

Ah yes, new versions only give a short additional trial if the initial trial has ended for the first installed version (otherwise users could just update to the latest version once per month and keep using the trial).