New UI - how to turn off unneeded devices?

In the old prefs, in the black bar below the toolbar, you could right-click and "Uncheck not needed tabs".

What is the equivalent in the new UI? I like it overall but it's irritating to have it always open with Magic Mouse settings....I haven't used a mouse since 2010 or so.

It would also be great if I could reorder the items in the dropdown - 95% of my usage is with the Touch Bar and I'd prefer to have that at the top.

there won't be a equivalent for this, the hiding option gave me too many support requests from users who hid something and then didn't remember they hid it :slight_smile:

However it will remember the last used type soon.

Thanks for the quick reply!

What about if there was an enable / disable toggle on all of the devices in the Advanced Settings? Or a checkbox list in the standard / basic settings?

All the support requests may have been because it was so well hidden before .... but if it's front and centre it seems it should be quite intuitive.

I really don't think it's necessary. In the previous UI it was good to have because the top bar was quite full and it was hard to see which trigger type was active.
In the new UI it always clearly shows which type is active and if you just use the Touch Bar features you will basically never have to select a different device class.

I'm trying to get rid of unnecessary options as they always increase complexity.