NEW UI - Actions Assigned to Selected Trigger (PANEL/WINDOW)

Im trying to exclusively utilized the new UI to help you with testing. I find the Actions Assigned to Selected Trigger (PANEL/WINDOW) to be the most UNDER utilized panel and often just has a single asset in such a large panel. would be nice to utilize this panel better, right?

How about putting the Color Picker in the bottom half of this window? Make it resizable (Up/Down). So now you have two panels/windows in that same large middle section. IM going to say PLEASE....

If possible add such ideas here:

There are some long term plans for the actions column (e.g. splitting it for normal vs long-press actions), but for now I don't think it's a good idea to add more stuff in there. I like that it's pretty clean by default but for the first time can show action sequences appropriately.

I understand your position... But I would love to see this feature. It could be pinned/unpinned for those that need that extra space in this view. For me, it just makes total sense since color is such an integral part of this application.


Just a fun one, but here's the tip I gave andreas a while ago if you weren't aware of it!

I’m assuming that’s your mock-up and not some more intuitive older version?

Would enjoy a more condensed bar with items grouped so those fast edits can be done. Less scrolling would be heavenly.

Yes a mockup. Older, more intuitive version :? lol. Andreas is somewhat using it as something to work towards I guess.

I'd prefer scrolling over clicking and adjusting myself to the new layout that just popped up in the last column, but I don't think overflow will be an issue with that design as not many triggers have ten actions assigned, won't they?

He's talking about scrolling in the right configuration column :wink:
(Which will eventually become a little bit more compact after I have implemented side-by-side textfields and collapsible sections, however these are on my "longer term todolist" and will most likely follow after v3.00 has been released)

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