New triggers missing after update

New triggers are missing on every update after 4.66

Seems like it's recovering some old iteration of the preset. Is it only me, or is it widespread?

macOS Sonoma 14.4

Haven't heard about something similar yet.
Could you try removing the old version data files from (keep the current, best create a backup of the folder first)

~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

? Maybe for some reason it thinks an older one is newer - did you recently change your machine's date to the future?

No I didn't change anything.

Do I need to delete all these files?

yes, best only keep the ones with the version number that you are currently using (the old ones will be deleted automatically at some point)

But in a first step keep them copied somewhere

Ok, so I deleted those versions, tried installing new alpha, it said smth like "failed to merge", and after the update I had no presets. Just imported the latest one and everything seems to work fine. I will update if the issue persists!


Thanks for the update! Failed to merge might imply something was corrupted in the database, maybe that contributed to the issue.

Let's see whether that fixes it

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