New screenshot bug, can't save rapid sequence og captures

My previous problem wasn't adressed, but eventually disappeared when i upgraded my MPB2015 to a MBP2021.

Now, new issue. After capturing thousands of screenshots i realized BTT skipped hundreds of them.

I configured an F-key to capture my main screen and send the files to a given folder with the default sequence Screenshot_{datetime}_{random} and yyyy-MM-dd

BTT can't handle rapid sequences (maybe when files are tried to be created during the same second? But what is the point og the random part, then?)

And files are, anyways, not saved under Screenshot_{datetime}_{random}. All files get a digit as a prefix, apparently 1 or 2, without me understanding why and what for. For instance: 2_Screenshot_2022-08-12 18.47.33_g3t1gF.png.

Long story short: I need to have my captured screenshots saved in the folder, even if i hit the F13 key 10 or 100 times before one second has elapsed. This was possible earlier.

BTT 3.821 (1964)
Monterey 12.5
Mac Mini 2020 (haven't check on MBP, not relevant, as I process this workflow on the Mini)

I'm also experiencing screenshot bugs: