New preset sharing service

Today I have published the first beta of the new preset sharing service. It can be accessed via

This service is supposed to make it easier and safer to share presets. It is automatically linked to your forum account. You can upload presets and share the resulting link with other people (e.g. here in the forum!)

It's very much beta, but I plan to improve this in the coming days now that the basic infrastructure has been set up.

Sounds really nice!
I will test tonight.



I posted this in my preset thread, but I figure it’s worth posting here too - right now I can’t upload or copy in GoldenChaos-BTT. Maybe it’s too large?

yep, maybe it's too large. I think currently the limit is 50MB (you could check the compress checkbox when exporting the presset, then it will get much smaller). I'll increase the file size limit sometime tomorrow!

I created a compressed version just now that is only 628 KB. I got the same issue, so it must not be the file size.

EDIT: Tried again just recently and it worked! Not sure if you changed anything, haha, but my preset is now up on the site :raised_hands:

I'm kind of afraid to try this. What happens to my existing settings if I import, for example, Golden Chaos?

It will be imported as a completely separate preset which you can deactivate /delete at any time by clicking the "Manage Presets" button in BetterTouchTool.

your cuetom presets will not be modified