New permissions required

First off sorry I have no screen shots but I have had two prompts requests

1, requesting full app access
2, access to contacts

Both appear after the system has been asleep
I’m running default settings with one trigger of double tap on Magic Mouse to activate a middle click

Can I get some clarity is this a bug or an explanation and why it is asking for these permissions as I have never been asked for these before

Running latest stable bbt
Mac OS 14.5

Thank you in advance

Sorry just very paranoid after the whole bartender thing

which BTT version are you running? There has been a bug in one of the recent builds that caused the Notch Bar feature to become partially active. That feature might require some extra permissions. This should however already be fixed in the latest versions

Just a note: any app with accessibility api permissions can do anything it wants anyway. Once you grant this, you have to trust the app.

sorry im running btt 4.551

That version should not be affected by the bug. Are you sure you only have the middle click configured?

It's sometimes a bit hard to figure out why macOS asks for specific permissions. E.g. BTT needs to read the preferences from some other apps to configure its behavior in a way that doesn't conflict with them. However usually macOS doesn't show any permission request in that case.

yer just middle click and window snapping its ok I'm going to reset my Mac and reinstall thank you for the reply

You don't really need to worry about it though. You can just deny the requests if you think you don't need them for any BTT actions.