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Hi, I just turned on my iMac after 1 year away, and I tried to update BTT (the installed version us 2.05) but the updater says I'm up to date (which I'm clearly not). Is it not possible to update up to version 2.440 without changing to the new license model?


There is no new license model in that sense. BTT licenses always included two years of free updates and the last version you received during that timeframe can be used forever.
When did you purchase your original license?


I don't understand how this works, then. I purchased it in January 2016. I expected to be able to obtain the updates up to January 2018. Doesn't this mean that today I should be able to download the last version of BTT up to January 2018 somehow?


Hi Koro,

yes :slight_smile:
If you download the latest version it will show you a downgrade button that will download that version. However you can also download the last eligible one directly from (it should be this one )


@Andreas_Hegenberg in general how do you like setapp? Which model is actually better for you, if we want to support you?


I like Setapp (although it would be great if they could win over some more big apps)
However buying a life time license will get me a bit more revenue on average (depending on how long you will use Setapp)