New Macbook Air and Pinch to Zoom doesn't work

I have the new macbook air 2018 and trial BTT and now Pinch to zoom doesn't work in any app. I haven't any pinch gesture in my settings.
Is there any solution?

Try to disable and reenable pinching in System Preferences => Trackpad. Unfortunately this is a known issue on macOS mojave (not only caused by BTT, but due to the buggy API BTT can also be part of it unfortunately)

I restart the Macbook and now works fine. I do not know why it stopped working. I will watch if it happens again.
Amazing app!!!!!

Interesting, I was having the same problem with Magnet, so I uninstalled it and turned Window Snapping back on in BTT. It's never happened again on my MacBook Pro (Late 2016 w/ TouchBar)

Are you using Window Snapping? Possibly, if it happens again, try disabling Window Snapping in BTT and see if that helps.

I don't know. Maybe if it's enabled by default. I'll try that the next time. Thanks.