New Mac, BTT seems not to be working

I've been using BTT to avoid the annoying full screen when you click the green buttons on windows. On my 2015 Mac (without Touch Bar), it works great. I just got a new Mac with Touch Bar and I can't seem to get the full screen to stop. I checked for updates (which I regularly install), and the setting is still for global "maximize window when left-clicking green button."

This is driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

OK, it looks like somehow it was disabled--now it's functioning (in terms of disabling the "full screen" behavior, but it's still doing something I've not seen before. When I click the green button (set to maximize the window), the window quickly maximizes and then bounces back immediately to the previous size. IOW, it doesn't STAY maximized for more than a split second. Of course, I can manually resize the window, but that sort of defeats the purpose. On my other mac, when I click the green button with this setting, the window simply maximizes--no full screen, no bouncing back.


LOL, never mind. I figured it out. Somehow I had a subsidiary action of zooming into the window. Got rid of that and now it's behaving as expected.

I have no clue how I managed to set the--I tend not to get to fancy with my controls but in the course of setting up a new Mac, stuff gets touched that normally isn't.