New iMac Magic Keyboard lock key

Hey everyone. Recently got an iMac and so far, I hate the lock key on my keyboard; I keep hitting it by accident and it locks me out of my computer. I tried changing it in keyboard settings but it seems to be the only key that cannot be changed.

Apparently on the upgraded version of the iMac (I got the base version) the lock button has Touch ID and is harder to press down than other keys, so looks like apple saw this problem coming.

It would be great if we could change/disactivate the key in BTT. I've linked the keyboard below.

Cheers and thank you,


We could just set the lock button to command L, similar to windows. BTT can already do that but the lock button that comes with the keyboard still is active.

Does BtT recognize that button if you try to record it in the keyboard shortcuts section?

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no. just locks your screen.

as I said, not in any keyboard settings via apple. not on modifier keys either, nor in shortcuts.

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