"New" HUD Overlay

Is it possible that the new HUD overlay does not work in the StreamDeck settings? The input possibility for the SF symbols is missing and the visual representation is still the old one. Or am I doing something wrong?

You are right, I'll fix this right away. FYI: The predefined action "Show HUD" is much more powerful than the standard HUD options.

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Again what learned. I didn't even know about this function.
Even better :wink:

Wow! This is so awesome! I didn't know we can customize it so deeply. Can we change the position?

I'll add some positioning options with the next alpha

Thank you so much. Great feature!

This is just a small "Quality of Life" request.

Could there be a small "Test HUD" button near the top of the Show Hud Overlay Action Configuration section? If it triggers just the HUD, this would save a lot of bother in designing, instead of triggering the whole action, just to see if it looks better at different font sizes...

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Good idea, added in 3.9988 / 2188 (currently uploading)

Looks great!

(Also, a small typo...
"Show An All Screens" - "Show On All Screens")