NEW: Floating Windows!

The new action "Pin/Unpin Focused Window to Float on Top" is really great. It replaces a complicated window management in many cases. Only BTT can do that. :grinning: :+1: :clap:

how did you activate it?

very experimental for now, but I think i’ll be able to make it work pretty well.

There is a. es predefined action in the latest alpha β€žpin/unpin window to float on topβ€œ

I would not say "very experimental". I would say the feature is not 100% reliable yet. :slight_smile: It’s work in progress.

Basically it works with the windows of any app, which is remarkable, because such functions actually have to be implemented by app makers themselves and only work for their own app.

You can check if it worked for a window by the blue corners of the window.


This is probably not intentional. But maybe it's a good idea to always add a thin blue border to floating windows. This way they are visually well recognizable.

Anyway, well done, Andreas!

found it :-)) what trigger do you use??

You can use any trigger. shortcut, gesture ..

I know, asking what you use :-))

I use double tab fn. (for now) :slight_smile:

Note that if you have an older OS, like I do, you get an alert saying you need 12.3 or later. (Maybe I'll finally upgrade, now that 12 has been around for a while.)

Where is this? How can I access this? Thank you.