New feature: "Start/Stop Keyboard Input"

@Andreas_Hegenberg I was just about to try out the new "Start/Stop Keyboard Input" feature ... but I'm hesitating.

If I block the keys with a shortcut, how can I unblock them with another shortcut if the keys are blocked? :thinking:

Edit: Ah, sorry, I have understood it now :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit2: Very interesting feature. But people panic if they accidentally switch it on. Consider, for example, that the keyboard can always be reactivated with ESC.

Edit 3: Ah, I see, you thought of that. If you assign the action "Stop Blocking Keyboard" to ESC, it unblocks the keyboard even if the keyboard is blocked. :joy: But you have to think about it before. :wink:
When nothing more is possible. The mouse always works. Simply restart BTT via the menu.

correct, the feature is pretty advanced and especially useful when combined with a CAG that is active when keyboard input is blocked.

I have a key sequence using a modifier key double tap to enable the blocking, then I have a few sequences defined in such a CAG.

In theory it allows for many new shortcuts.
By default it doesn’t block the keyboard input from reaching BTT, so everything setup there will still work. It just blocks the input from reaching other apps.

I’ll add some better instructions for this soon, and esc to exit sounds like a good idea

:grinning: Yes, that's exactly my use case. With Key Sequence now everything is possible without anything unexpected happening because nothing is passed to the front app. Brilliant!

Consider (optionally) displaying a text field. So you can see what you're typing. Maybe similar to a HUD Overlay. This would make typing longer sequences easier.

But anyway, once again BTT reinvents the mac :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I have tried this. The text field appears, but you cannot see the typed text.

If you need a textfield you could do it without the start/stop keyboard input and instead use ifs to trigger different actions depending on the input.
Here a simple example:

Mm, that's true. But the trigger is not a key sequence. You have to press Enter.

On the other hand, Sequence could only be active when this text window is open. So nothing that is typed would reach the front app (like with a blocked keyboard) but you can see what you type.

Unfortunately I could not find a name for this window.