New Dock feature - extract infos for specific item

Hi together,

After @Andreas_Hegenberg implanted the new great dock widget, I wondered if it was possible to get these information for specific items from the dock. Especially the notification counter is interesting for me, as well as the folders. Is there a way to display only one of the items from the dock? Or, if the following is possible, how can I extract the information used in the new widget for a specific item?

Thanks a lot for your attention, and Andreas' great work!

you can get the notification badges ([Implemented in 2.814] Improving dock badge energy efficiency) but rendering them like in the Dock widget is currently not possible.

I think I can add an option to the Dock widget to show only specified apps.

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This would be nice!! For now I have favorite apps in the TouchBar, some with the script to check if there are notifications and if so, I display an alternative icon with a a red dot. But if I could get the count too, this would be..... :wink: and if then I could ignore the dot regarding if it's running or not, then..... :heart_eyes: