new custom context menu

Andreas, just to let you know. The behavior of the new custom context menu seems purely random to me. The icons come and go, change size, etc. I can't take a screenshot of it unfortunately.

Weird, I have been using it without issues for a while now.

Did you set the icon sizes manually?

Yes and no. I have tried every variation.

Does the context menu itself work and just the icons are broken?

Do the icons show in the config? (Only on the right side for now, I'll add them to the item list on the left soon)

Everything here looks the same as you posted it. Menu works, all items are displayed, only the icons behave randomly...

by the way, could you make the menu floating? I'm sure a lot of people would find that great.

What do you mean by floating?

Floating, a window that is always on the top of everything. Where you can trigger actions by clicking.

Ah yes. I'm currently working on an additional "menu" action which supports multiple layouts & templates. This will have an option to float and stay open when items are clicked.

This eg is a floating window of Keyboard Maestro

Yes such things will be easily doable with the upcoming menu action. Configuration will work similar to the new context menu action.

Good :slight_smile:

Could you send me a diagnostic debug export (Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Info) with a broken custom context menu (broken icons)?