NEW: "Action Sequence Flow Control"

I started playing around with the "Action Sequence Flow Control". It seems to be quite interesting. :grinning:

I don't have the whole picture yet. What I can see so far: Some things are much easier to set up. More compact. It needs only one macro, where it needed several before. But you could do that before (a lot). In that sense, it's a smart evolution, but not a revolution. You correct me if I'm talking nonsense. :innocent:

When I saw this


I thought for a moment: The picture is the trigger.... No, I guess you can't do that. It would kill the mac to look for a image ... all the time.

What I want to say: Have you ever thought about expanding the trigger categories? Many things are imaginable here.

App trigger, window trigger, usb device trigger ... that would trigger actions when a certain window or app comes to the foreground.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll find many things I can do with the new features. BTT is great, thanks!

Definitely not revolutionary, everything could be done via scripting before. However they allow to do some things in much simpler ways. (And I think they have just been missing from BTT for no obvious reason, so it's good to have some control flow actions for completeness)

I have just added some basic documentation: Control Action Sequence Flow ยท GitBook

What do you mean by app / window trigger?

To be honest, I don't even know if anyone needs this.... I'm thinking of a different kind of trigger that fires "when something happens" that isn't a shortcut or gesture or something.

When app A is opened, app B is opened. BTT can do this, of course. I can use an existing triggers (or two) to open both apps. But when I open app A from the dock or with a double click from the Finder, app B does not open.

The default example for a USB trigger is this: The USB Device trigger executes a macro when a USB Device is attached or detached. A possible use is to launch your scanner software when you turn on your scanner, and quit it when you turn off your scanner.

In theory you can use the CAG's to achieve this. A CAG can trigger the "Conditional Activation Group Activated" (or deactivated) triggers in "Automations & Named & Other Triggers".
I have planned a few things for upcoming versions:

  • New Control Flow Action: Wait for window to become active

  • New Control Flow Action: Wait for app to become active

  • New Control Flow Action: Wait for app to launch

  • New Control Flow Action: Wait for conditions to become true

  • New Trigger: Window did come to front

These can be quite useful, e.g. if you want to resize an app's window once the app has started.

Mostly they are just better UI for what can already be achieved via some other ways.

USB triggers are on my TODO list but not highest priority. They can already be achieved using the generic device support for some devices.

There are already triggers for "app did launch" in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section:

Oops, you're right. I was not aware of this. "Specific App Did Launch" does exactly that. It launches app B when app A is launched. No matter what way app A was opened, no?

I'll have to take a closer look at all this. :grinning: