New action: Allocate to Desktop X / All Desktops (as found in Dock -> app icon -> Options -> Assign To...)

For a while now I had wished there was a way in macOS to have a window appear on multiple desktops, or all desktops.

So I was amazed today when I found that that option already exists - buried away in the Dock. I literally never use the Dock (I usually have it hidden), and so I had never noticed it was there under Options -> Assign To.

Because I don't use the Dock I have no way of accessing this feature. And also it appears to only be possible to apply it to all windows of a given app, not just one window. This significantly limits its usefulness with many apps, such as Firefox/Chrome, iTerm 2 where I always have many windows open.

So my request is:

  1. Add a BTT Action that can trigger this feature, available via any standard Gesture
  2. If possible, have it possible to activate this for an individual window, rather than all windows for a given app as Dock does it.