Never got a license email.

I am posting this here in the hopes that Support will pick this up. I emailed Andreas directly, but have not heard back, and my trial has run out. I purchased a lifetime license on 1/21/21 via ApplePay on Paddle at an exact time I can verify with a support member.

Same here, purchased a license on the 25th Jan, 2021 via Paypal, I received my receipt but no license as of 28th Jan.

I also reached out to Andreas but haven't heard back.

most likely typos in the email addresses.
I will have worked through all my mails by end of tomorrow! (you can also send a mail to my reseller via, this speeds things up because they can look up orders with typos using the payment info)

Thanks a lot, Andreas! I reached out to them :slight_smile:

*edit: Solved with the help of Paddle (thanks a lot)