Nested Folders - collapse to main vs previous folder with one button?

Hi -
When using "close currently open touch bar group", it brings me back to the first level BBT set.

I would like the ability to do these two things:

  1. collapse the currently open group and go to the previous one, not the main set.
  2. collapse the currently open group and go back to the main set.

I added a second action to the button so that, when pressed, the current group would close (which defaults to the main BBT group) and then the folder I was in would open back up.

How would I have only one "x" button that would bring me back to either the main group or the previous folder? How would I configure it to open the previous group when the button is tapped and open the main group when I long press the button? or is there a better way to do this?

I know that I can make two different buttons for each action but, of course, I only want one button.


Instead of using "close currently open..", use "open group" and select the parent group which you want to open instead.

Thanks for responding and so quickly ! This works well. Happy New Year.

It appears that this solution has a stopping point. I need to go one level deeper with the nesting.

Main Bar (1st Level)
2nd Level (can use "close currently open..." to go back to Main Bar)
3rd Level (can use "open group - with selected name" to get back to the 2nd level)
4th Level (doesn't appear to be able to just go back to 3rd level. Must go back to 1st or 2nd)

Is this the limitation? is there a workaround? thanks

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