Native volume/brightness widget

Hey guys!

I am very fond of the touch bar's native volume/brightness widgets where the slider appears when long-pressing (or holding) on the volume or brightness button and disappearing as I let go. - Somehow I just find more intuitive to use a slider when adjusting either volume or brightness, furthermore, I like the fact that it only appears when used.

Do you know of any presets capable of doing the above? Or any way that I can create this on my own?

GoldenChaos's BTT preset has a volume slider widget when you press and hold on the up volume button. However, that is glitchy compared to apple's native slider, because the volume slider has to update each time you move it. If you use a preset that doesn't need to update the volume slider widget, then it will be as smooth as the native brightness/volume slider

Unfortunately, the volume slider widget in the GoldenChaos's preset doesn't work the same way as the Touch Bar's native one.

In the Touch Bar's native widget the slider appears when holding the button and enables you to adjust the volume by sliding from the same spot you press/hold on the bottom (without lifting/moving your finger to the actual slider)

Whereas in the GoldenChaos preset the slider also appears when pres/holding on the button, however here you need to let go of the button and then pressing on the slider knob in order to change the volume.

Kind of tricky to explain via text - hope it makes any sense?

I came here to request this feature. I really liked the ability to drag on the volume button to change - it would allow having one button each for volume, screen brightness and keyboard brightness too, which would save some space on the crowded right-hand side of the bar.