"Named triggers" with conditions defined


I have a question about the "Named triggers" which have a conditions defined.
As you see in screen A, there are two "Named triggers" with the same name, but have different conditions.

When I use the action ( screen B ), are both "Named triggers" evaluated first and then only one is actually triggering because of the condition defined?


do I have to make sure that I have always unique named triggers names (with different conditions) defined and call them after each other ?

who would be able to help ?


BTT 3.9993 (2193) / Mac M1 Max OS 13.2 Beta (22D5038i)
BTT plugin Stream Deck option
Stream Deck Mobile (on iPad Air) latest version

You can have two named triggers with the same name but with different conditions. Then if you trigger it from somewhere, only the named trigger that matches the conditions will be activated.

Thanks a lot. It clear now...