Named Trigger to Activate CheatSheet

Recently I started using CheatSheet. I would like to have it activated when I long-press the esc. button. Usually, CheatSheet is activated when you hold the Command button, but it takes too long to hold.
So it would be like a 'Send shortcut to specific app' button, but only using the Command key, and for longer than just a quick tap.
Is there any way I can do this?


Replace the default esc key (uncheck it in the BTT Settings) with a custom button. On a tap, assign it esc, on a Named trigger your desired action. This should do the job. Don't forget to link the button to the very left of the Touch Bar, and to display it in every Touch Bar group etc etc.

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tried that, the problem is that 'command' needs to be held for about 2 or 3 secs. how can I turn that into a named trigger?

Either through Apple script key code (we had this in an other thread already :wink:) sending key down, delay 2, sending key up
Or maybe working BTT "sending ⌘" down only + delay next action + sending ⌘ up only

But this would take a hell of a delay I guess as you'll have to long press the esc button and then the long press will be simulated, double time :roll_eyes:
Can't you change it to another keyboard shortcut combination that does not need to be hold? This way your Named trigger would bring it up quicker.

tried this, doesnt work

what do you mean? can you give me a link to the thread pls?

myabe i will.. you have a point there

My Bad! I get old, thought you opened this one :slightly_smiling_face:

But I honestly think that assigning CheatSheet a keyboard shortcut that does not need to be hold would be quicker and therefor more efficient. Plus, avoids running Apple Script.

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yeah, unfortunately you can't customise the way to activate CheatSheet. default is holding command. sucks

had a read through it. where is the code that actually holds the mod key?
mb, found it

tell application "Mail"
    tell application "System Events"
        keystroke "0" using {command down} --> Message Viewer ⌘0
        keystroke "1" using {command down} --> Inbox ⌘1
        keystroke "2" using {command down} --> Drafts ⌘2
        keystroke "3" using {command down} --> Sent ⌘3
        keystroke "a" using {option down, command down} --> Address Panel ⌥⌘A
        keystroke "0" using {option down, command down} --> Activity ⌥⌘0
    end tell
end tell

so if I make the application 'CheatSheet' then how can I make it do what I want?

Try this (not sure though as I can't test it on my computer). Maybe you need a delay 3 or more.

tell application "System Events"
        key down {command}
        delay 2
        key up {command}
    end tell
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hmm, didn't work. all good, its no biggie, just easier to have a button on the touchbar to activate it.

Is the app itself scriptable?

Or you might need a higher delay. The script itself worked, just checked it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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app isn't scriptable. I just realised it might not actually work, as you need to keep holding the command key for the shortcuts to show. when you let go of command, they disappear. no biggie tho, its just a weird way to activate it.