My minimalistic Touch Bar (tips are welcome!)

Hi guys,

I only download BTT a week ago, but I am hooked.

Here are some screenshots from the first set up I made! I copied some widgets from AquaTouch and Golden Chaos's setup.

  • As clean as I could make it, only showing the things I really need, which are my music including connecting my Airipods and muting, my upcoming agenda item and the date and time.

I'm using two and three finger gestures for fn + tapping the corners of my trackpad volume and brightness, so no need for that on my touchbar. My friend made an Airpods Pro icon.

  • Clicking the + at the left opens my "button folder" with stuff I use a lot: wifi, bluetooth, airdrop, a quick way to paste without style and the colorfinder.

  • Clicking the divider at the right toggles my full agenda.

Oh and I wanted something to toggle BTT, for when I needed the normal standard Touchbar, but I didn't like the idea for an extra button for that. So clicking the time widget toggles BTT.

Let me know what you think! And please give me tips on things you think I can improve! :relieved:

Not much to improve! Looks really clean and nice!

Tip concerning googling BTT: I moved it away from the Touch Bar and use a Trackpad gesture instead. Because once I finished using the standard Touch Bar I wanted to be able to restore BTT easily. In my preset a 2 Finger force touch click de/activates my BTT Touch Bar :wink:

Also, it might be worth considering a key that shows the standard bar as long as it's pressed. You find this option in the settings, it's super useful to grab a text replacement or Emoji from the bar. Basically every action that requires only one tap :wink:

Enjoy your great preset! Have a great weekend too :wink:

Thanks for the tips!

For now I just had the BTT button in my standard bar to reopen it, but a 2 Finger force touch to toggle the bar is a really good idea!

You also just solved the thing I ran into an hour ago, because I was missing the text replacement option in my touch bar.

Thank you so much! Have a great weekend.

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Glad I could help :wink: Enjoy your productivity :smiley:

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