My first minimalistic touch-bar and input source switcher preset

Preset and Trigger (for the Music-Player App)
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Task switcher activates the task you touch (foreground task is hidden)
Music widget pauses/unpauses on touch and skips to next on hold (>0.8s)
Time button toggles Night Shift mode
Weather button toggles Dark Mode
The flag shows the current input source (keyboard layout) and switches to the next one when you tap it.
The lock locks the screen.

I had to share since it looks so neat :slight_smile:

I just tweaked the App-Chooser, Clock and Weather widgets a bit to fit my 13" Early 2020 notebook (Touchbar with physical ESC key).

Named trigger to make music player widget skip to next song when you hold the button (simple touch pauses/unpauses).
Minimalistic volume slider.

Input source (keyboard layout) changer - the one in this preset only shows only US and German flags (see The Current Language flag icon for GoldenChaos doesn't work properly for code that covers more languages).
The input source switching is done by sending the (default) keyboard shortcut "^+Space" to the system, make sure to have that keyboard shortcut set and enabled. (or change the action).

A nice "lock screen" button with a more colourful icon (actually it's the :closed_lock_with_key: unicode character which looks nicer than any symbol I found)".

Good stuff! It's been soooo much fun exploring the possibilities of building on Apple's existing UX principles and making the OS and hardware your own; it's made me want to learn JavaSript and AppleScript to see how far I can push things. Let me know if you wanna exchange ideas and explore the software. Happy configuring!

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