Mute Microphone toggle not disappearing if microphone isn't being used

On BTT 3.266, the microphone icon and button no longer disappears if certain apps aren't open like it used to in previous versions. Is this a bug in your preset or in BTT?

I'm not seeing this issue - perhaps you still have certain microphone-using apps open? The microphone widget checks a list of known apps that use the microphone. Can you post a screenshot that shows your currently running apps when the microphone icon is being displayed?

EDIT: Was able to reproduce the issue. Once the microphone icon appears, it never disappears.

This seems to be related to the icon display issues with my battery widget @Andreas_Hegenberg?

On it :slight_smile:

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I hope it's working correctly now in 3.267, would be great if you could test it.

It's better, but not fixed. The button correctly disappears, but the widget's space remains, leaving a visual gap:

To clarify, the button is actually hidden and there is nothing in that empty space that is clickable.

EDIT: Invoking a modifier menu or anything that causes the menu bar to temporarily hide forces the display to refresh, and the space goes away:

Ah I see, 3.270 should be online now!

Appears to be fixed - will post again if I notice anything different, but all widgets seem to be refreshing properly now. :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding and fixing this so quickly, the issue appears to be resolved for me too!