Multiple Stream Decks and Groups

I'm not sure what I am missing but here is my scenario:

I have 2 Stream Decks. When I create a new Group in the Stream Deck section of BTT it automatically shows up on both of my Stream Decks. However when I add new items to the group and assign them to just one of my Stream Decks that works fine. But I still have the trigger Group button showing on both Stream Decks and I don't see any way to assign it to just one. I watched the video in the documentation many times and it shows the setup working as expected. I figure I must be missing something. I am running version 3808 of BTT.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Gary Thompson

you are right, the option got lost for groups!

I wanted to push a bigger update today that also includes a fix for that, but Covid finally got me and I spent most of the day in bed (getting better now). I hope I'll be able to push the update tomorrow.

So sorry to hear COVID got you! No worries at all! I thought I was doing something wrong. :grinning:

Take care of your self first and foremost! Hope you feel better soon!


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