Multiple Monitor Window Snapping (Mainly using keyboard)

I have a setup with 3 external monitors + laptop. I created this preset to make it easy to manage all the screen real estate.

Window snapping and moving across screens using the keyboard.
fn + ⌃ + arrow key - Snap window to top/right/bottom/left half of the screen.
fn + ⌃ + ⌥ + up arrow - Maximize window to full screen.
fn + ⌃ + ⌥ + left arrow - Snap window to 1/4 size. Cycles through all 4 corners on key key press. UL/UR/LR/LL
fn + ⌃ + ⌥ + right arrow - Move window to next monitor. BTT only has next so there is no reverse.

3 finger swipe will teleport mouse to center of monitor and toggle the cursor big for a second so you can spot it. Left=display 1, Up= Display 2, etc. This requires you get the coordinates of each monitor and change them in the preset.

I found mousing across monitors was wearing my finger out so this helps.

A single button I set up to toggle display my 4 apps I like to have on my laptop screen: Email, Slack, AirDroid and Amazon Music. The toggle will place each in a corner for easy access. Press again and they all minimize so I can concentrate on writing buggy code. I plan to use this for more app placement for other tasks.

In my Apple Scripts, I couldn't figure out how to set long lasting variables, so I used touch to create files in /tmp. Hacky way to persist data, but it works and doesn't seem to slow down the scripts.

Here is another preset for window management with a different approach.

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