Multiple Keyboards/Specific Triggers

I'm new here and I'm testing the app before I buy it. I have a Razer Tartarus gaming/macro pad and I'm trying to find a replacement for the Synapse software that won't run on anything after Big Sur. Really quick, I use the gaming pad to run a bunch of keyboard shortcuts and actions on Photoshop. It makes me CRAZY fast and I'm trying to replicate this with BTT.

Without the Razer software, the macro pad has default keystrokes. So I hit the 05 key and I get an R. And I can make that R trigger the key combo I need to fill a selected area. But it also means if I type the word ROGER on my Mac keyboard the R triggers the fill macro as well. And I don't want that.

So, is there any way to have the triggers be triggered ONLY by the USB attached keyboard and not the internal laptop keyboard (or the bluetooth attached Mac extended on my desktop)?

There's an option to bind a trigger to a certain kind of keyboard.

As long as you're not using an army of the same keyboard type, it should work.

Also, when it says "Please record a keyboard shortcut", use the keyboard you want to use for that shortcut.

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Oh my goodness! I saw that and I thought I had it clicked and it turns out I didn't. I did it and it's now working wonderfully. You have no idea how much this is going to change my world!

One more question if you don't mind, because I'm bumping my head into this one, too. Can I change that R on my keypad to be something like a D or even a Shift-F8? I see where to select Keyboard Keys, but I don't see if I can actually create a key or key combo.

The reason is because I can't change what keys the keypad sends (R is going to be R), but if I can change it to a different letter, It can trigger the same action in multiple programs. So I can deselect in Photoshop, ClipStudio, etc. And then I'd just need to make my shortcuts in each program be the same, but I know how to do that.

Thank you!!

SORRY! I just figured that out, too!

I was getting confused by being able to record the keyboard trigger and the keys that are triggered, if that makes any sense. And I would have written back sooner, but I got too smart and managed to lock my command key in the down position and I couldn't navigate until I turned it off.

Thanks again!

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