Multiple Keyboard Shortcut Menu

I just discovered an incredible feature of BTT the other day! If you assign multiple actions to the same keyboard shortcut you get a dropdown menu with all of the shortcuts listed with the ability to navigate and select the menu via the keyboard. You can also map these to a mouse button if your device supports button remapping. For example, whenever I press the function+up button on the side of my house it copies whatever I've highlighted; when I press funtion+down it brings up my shortcut menu. See video.

I have a few categories of these actions if anyone is interested!

@Cabana0309 I had also set this up once, but unfortunately it is not possible to display this menu of actions better with an image or even create a submenu.

I then found the app Keyboard Maestro. There I now create the menus and use BTT touch gestures as triggers.

Here is an example with the app Snagit:

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