multiple icon switch

possibility to change icon with more than 2 possibilities. Switch between many icons. Useful for example to set icon for wifi straight, battery percentage, etc...

Hi @Franco-Poveda! Welcome to the BTT community.

Such a thing is actually possible: Switch logo with code not return value?

Although it does require some manual work, it's not too hard to set up.
My version of this is using it to display a Spotify/Apple Music or YouTube logo depending:

Hi @liamb, thanks for your replay. That was exactly what i was looking for. I have some other questions:
Can i change text color, not the background?
The other one is: can i make a dynamic button group, in witch the elements inside that group is defined by a script. For example, a group showing a button for each scanned wifi SSID available

Hi @Franco-Poveda, as far as I'm aware that's currently not possible.

As for dynamic buttons I also think it's unavailable.

@Andreas_Hegenberg might be able to help when he returns to the forums.