Multiple fullscreen windows, single display?

I am trying to watch a video in "full screen" on the top half of my vertical monitor, and have another window on the bottom.

I desire "full screen" because otherwise the top window is cluttered with UI elements. But full screen mode focuses the video.

This is slightly possible with MacOS new "Split Screen" "Tile Window" feature. However, they only support left/right, and not top/bottom which is not useful for my vertical monitor. Here is a 15-second screen recording showing full screen contained in a tile.

Does BTT or BetterSnapTool solve this?

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I think this is a macOS restriction that no program I am aware of can override. Fullscreen goes only side by side.
A solution for you might be to put the Video into Picture In Picture Mode, using IINA.

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Wow, thanks @Caliguvara!

PIP wasn't offered in Udemy, but your recommendation of IINA (beautiful) led me to a safari extension called "Pipifier" which works with Udemy!

So thanks for this 2 for 1 solution :+1:

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