Multiple execution paths for StreamDeck buttons

Is it possible for a StreamDeck button to execute different based on, say, modifier keys pressed (or even another StreamDeck button pressed)?

In my case, I want to press the button to see the result of a shell script (that part is working fine for me), but then post that result to social media if I press the same StreamDeck button but with the command key pressed down, too.

Essentially, the first step (just pressing the button) is for me to approve the content. Pressing the button with command pressed too would mean I'm ready to send the result.

I don't have a stream deck, but with and without modifiers should be possible. Check out Settings

Anyway, that's how it is with the emulator.

Thanks for the reply, @Frank1.

From what I can see, those setting effect the visibility of the button when a modifier is pressed. Unless I misunderstand your point, that's interesting, but what I'm after is altering the button's actions based on whether a modifier key is pressed when the Stream Deck button is pressed, too.

Yes, you're right, sorry, it's about visibility.

But I see you can use a named trigger for long press. So, short press something and long press something else.

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If you always want to post the result, you can use the cycle action, where you can manually trigger multiple commands with one button press - you do not need a modifier for that.

Thanks, @SLE. I appreciate your reply. I don't always want to post the result, as sometimes the result isn't yet updated. I might have to check it a couple times before it's ready to go.

That said, @Frank1 put me on the right track, I think, with a Named Trigger configured for a long press. Press once to review the result, then long press if the result is ready to be posted.

For anyone else reading along, this approach seems to works best if the short press is triggered on Key Up and if you click the "Cancel action if any other action is executed while key was down."

Again and again, BTT impresses as one incredibly powerful tool!

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