Moving windows to different desktops

OSX: 10.14.1 Mojave Beta
Better touch tools: 2.645

Can't move windows from one desktop to another with bettertocuh tools, tried both the "move window to desktop 1/2 ... " as well as "move window one desktop left/right,," features

Seems to work fine here.
Do you have multiple desktops open? (otherwise the actions won't work)

yes I do, I have a dual monitor setup, basically if I'm in a window let's say chrome / Spotify and I want to move it to the different monitor and I press the given key combination which activates either of the two aforementioned events nothing happens.

Actually something does happen, my cursor moves to some direction but that's it

Ah sorry, I think this is a misunderstanding.
This actually moves a windows between virtual desktops / spaces. Not between real displays.

To move between display use the "Move Window To Next Monitor" action or if you need more customizability use the "Custom Move & Resize" action.

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Thanks for the quick replies and help, it works now! :slight_smile: