Moving to another computer — most keyboard shortcuts not working anymore

Dear all,

My 2018 MacBook Pro (Mojave) is having a hardware issue, so I need to go back to a 2013 MacBook Pro (with Mojave as well). Thus, I have transferred on the oldest computer all software, among which my BTT triggers (in a single master preset, BTT 3.404). For some reason, certain triggers works and others do not and beep.

—keyboard shortcuts to window move/resize
—key sequences

Not working:
—keyboard shortcuts to type or paste text
—text replacement with java script

I cannot scratch my head anymore. Would you have any suggestion?



Weird. Did you grant BTT the Accessibility permissions in System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Accessibility?

I did.
I have also disabled and re-enabled them, but no change.

I just found out a solution.
I copy and paste a non-working trigger and... the copy works fine !