Move window *while* mouse button is pressed impossible?

I'd like to reopen where the main issue was described as:

I want to move the window under the cursor via a mouse button.

The action "Start/Stop Moving" under "Window Resize & Move" almost does what I want. But it is a toggle action, i.e. I have to click the mouse button (press it and release it) to start moving the window and click it again to stop moving the window.

This mode switch seems unintuitive to me. I'd like to have the option to move a window while holding down the mouse button, i.e. pressing the button starts moving the window and releasing the button stops moving it.

As far as I can tell this behaviour is still not possible today, even by calling "Start/stop dragging window" once for Mouse down and again for Mouse up. I believe this is a bug although I would rather that the existing Advanced Settings -> Moving & Resizing pane were updated to also allow a mouse button.

+1 for this feature.
I want to accomplish the same middle click+drag to move window under cursor (move only while middle click is held down)
Similarly this idea could be used to resize windows.

Relatedly, it would be nice to, in addition to click(hold)+(while dragging), have click(hold)+(drag and trigger action based on release location). So you could have a setup where you middle click and drag toward the top-right to snap to the top-right quadrant, with similar triggers/actions for other quadrants.

When recording a mouse button you can select whether it should trigger on mouse down or on mouse up. If you add the button twice, once for down and once for up, it should do what you want:

That doesn't really work for me.
It offers both actions on both up and down, so you need to choose from a drop-down, while holding the middle button.