Move window - stop on key release

Greetings all,

I am trying to use the window move/resize features with BTT and am running into an issue. In the past, I used Flexiglass to bind the CMD key and left-mouse-button to move a window around the screen. The window move action stops when I release either the CMD key or left mouse button. Unfortunately, is seems the app is no longer updated/maintained and crashes often with the newer MacOS updates.

I found a similar function with BTT by binding the CMD Key and LeftClick with the Window Start/Stop action. This works fine to start the window movement action, but I have to press the CMD Key and LeftClick keys again to stop the action.

How can I get the window movement to stop simply by releasing either the CMD Key or the mouse LeftClick?

DOH - I knew this would happen. As soon as I posted this topic I found the answer.

BTT already has this function built in via the Advanced Settings --> Moving & Resizing Settings.