Move Window Left/Right: add option to only change X but not Y coordinate


I use "center window" a lot. Today I discovered that you can also discard a window from the focus area in the center by using "Move Window Left" (or "Right") in BTT.

I'd like to request an option (e.g. a checkbox for the action) to enable/disable the corner snapping. I usually don't want windows to clump up in the top-left or top-right corner, but I really like the horizontal movement options we have.

Imagine putting paper on your desk, and shoving it aside to make room for something else temporarily. That's the motion I have in mind.

Thanks for taking the time to work on BTT/BST!

I think you can probably do what you want with the "Custom Move / Resize Window" action:

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Ooooh interesting! That indeed works. The options were a bit hard to understand, but your approach for the left-hand side works. (Unticking the resize option of course).

For the right-hand side:

yes it can be confusing. I need to think about other ways to describe the positioning (and at the same time I need to add some more features to it).

Glad you got it working!