“Move Window …” actions fail with long document/window names

Short description: The “Move Window one space …” and “Move Window to Desktop x” action fail if the window title is too long. More precisely, if a window has a small symbol in front of the title and the action tries to click there, it fails. This is a problem especially with documents having long titles.

How to reproduce: Create a PDF with a very long name. Open it in preview and make the window so small, that the PDF symbol in front of the title in the title bar is directly next to the traffic lights. Try to use the “Move Window one space Right” action on that window.

More details: If one clicks this symbol, waits and moves the mouse, one moves “the document” and not the window. If one just clicks this symbol and changes spaces, nothing happens as in the BTT action. (If one clicks, waits and moves the mouse and then switches spaces, one has the document (not the window) on the next space. If one clicks, switches spaces and moves the mouse, one has the document on the next space as well.) “Waiting” in the above paragraph really means “not proceed immediately with the next step”, it might only be a few milliseconds. However, if one grabs the icon and directly moves the mouse (as is natural with three-finger-drag on a touchpad) one moves the window. And as soon as one moved the window slightly, one can also switch spaces again with the window.

Possible solution: As indicated under ‘More details’ it might be enough to move the window slightly before changing spaces.

Device information:

  • Intel MacBook Pro
  • macOS version: 12.6
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.951