Move Timeline playhead to cursor on Davinci Resolve

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg

is there any way to achieve this feature in BTT

Here's a video reference but only available for windows

and for mac users - i have searched in some forums.. this setting is achievable in keyboard maestro app.. im sharing the preset for this as well..
Playhead To (3.8 KB)

Please provide a solution for this if possible

Might be possible, I'd recommend to use the latest alpha as I just added "relative to saved cursor position" to the move mouse action.

You'd need to do a combination of multiple (simple) actions:

  1. Save current mouse position
  2. Find image on screen & move mouse
  3. start mouse drag
  4. async delay
  5. drag/move mouse to last saved position (configured to drag to the current mouse position)
  6. async delay
  7. stop mouse drag

Note: the "Move Mouse To Position" action needs to be configured like this:

Not working.. if press shortcut (Opt+R) manually, BTT quits unexpectedly...

Move cursor where i click.bttpreset (5.8 KB)

updated to the latest version...and Did exactly as in the picture..
if i missed anything.. please share the preset file..

my system config is mac mini M2 16gb ram running on sonoma 14.4.1

You haven't configured any image to search for

My example just detailed the generic steps, you need to configure this for your needs (I don't have Davinci Resolve installed). In your linked video they explain the general approach, searching for the picture of the playhead, then moving the mouse there, starting the drag and moving the mouse back to the saved location.

Still i find it very difficult to make it work..
Move playhead to cursor V2.bttpreset (10.8 KB)

in this V2 i configured this image
as shown in the video.. but not working... even if i press the (Alt+R)...
BTT quit unexpectedly..
(i forgot to mention that i use Trackpad but i dont know this caused the problem)

if you have free time... download the Davinci and see if it works and share the preset if possible... (This is a somewhat a big ask i know, but i have been trying to make this work for the past two days, thats why asking here)

If I understood correctly you'd need to search for the playhead instead:

(Capture it via the "choose area of screen" button)

I can try downloading davinci but it will take until the weekend.

after changing the image..
Move playhead to cursor V3.bttpreset (10.7 KB)

now the shortcut (Alt+R) works with a little bit of lag..
but if click it on the trackpad.. playhead is not moving..
only shortcut works in this V3

Ya take your time to share the preset

great! (you can probably make the delays much smaller, I just set them to 0.3s for testing - try 0.05 instead)

What do you mean by click it on the trackpad? Have you configured a trackpad gesture to move the playhead as well?

if i click on the timeline (in trackpad).. playhead is not moving..
"trackpad gesture to move the playhead"
i dont where / how should i do?

can you be more specific..
And yes 0.05 timing works faster...

I think I don't fully understand what you want to achieve. You could assign such an action sequence to any gesture in BTT. E.g. a 3 finger click:

i want to achieve this exact action sequence in with a just click..
like a single tap that we normally use to click
(clicking it anywhere on the trackpad)..
is that possible?

BTT let's you override a standard left-click in the "normal mouse" section. However then you wouldn't be able to do a normal click anymore. How would you differentiate between doing normal clicks and moving the playhead?

see here if i click on top the timeline - playhead moves ( this is default in Davinci Resolve)

but if i click in the middle.. it wont move.. i wanted playhead to move wherever i click

you'd need some way to detect whether you are hovering the "timeline".
Maybe you can get it to work by combining some "advanced trigger conditions" but this can be very tricky. Also I'd recommend to configure this specifically for Davinci, and not globally.

Thanks for all your time.. i dont think i would do this successfully..
let me assign a some other gesture for now..

whenever you have time over weekend.. see if you can make it work with a single tap on trackpad...

Thanks in advance

Maybe you could use a 1 finger force click? That way you'd just need to press hard on your trackpad:

Tried the advanced method..
it is not working as i guessed..

Ya for now i will assign some simple gesture like you said a single force click or two finger double tap..

whenever you have time See if it's achievable like in the video i shared..
i will wait.. :smile: