Move "Snap Tools" out of the menu bar, Please?

Would it be possible to move the tools/options for creating Snap Areas out of the BTT Menubar Icon, and either into the settings pane, or at least give use the option within BTT to trigger the same tools/options like "Create New Snap Area" and "Edit Snap Areas" via our own custom context/menubar menus.

Personally, I don't have the BTT Menubar enabled; The Icon is just not pleasing, in my personal opinion. But I do have a custom menubar menu w/ custom icon and options that I use often like Low Power Mode (Apple Script), Reset WiFi, Reset Bluetooth, etc.. I'd like to just stick the "Snap Area Tools" in that custom menu..

Otherwise, I keep having to open BTT settings, re-enable to BTT Menubar, edit/create what I need, then disable the BTT Menubar.

Additionally, it would be nice to have some sort of "snap" for the "Snap Areas" (not really sure what else to call it.. its the little boxes that appear that you can resize, that indicate where you can drop an app you are dragging to, in order to resize it to the dimension linked to that box/area.) Getting multiple "Boxes" to match/align is kinda a pain.

And then another thing that would improve this new snap area feature, would be the ability to limit snap areas based on which Apps are using that snap area in a trigger. For example; If I have trigger set with an action "Trigger Snap Area" for Finder, Safari, and Mail. Then that Snap Area is only show when dragging those apps around.. I know you can do this by adding each app individually to the setting of each individual snap area.. But this is a pain in the butt, if you have multiple snap areas, and you want to set a new app to use that snap area.. you have to edit the setting for each snap area. Instead of just assigning it to a action for that specific app in BTT

Good idea, I have added "Create New Snap Area" and "Edit Snap Areas" actions to the next version of BTT.

The other thing is complicated, I'll think about whether this can be achieved somehow.