Move or Copy/Paste shortcut (trackpad) from one app to another

I have a shortcut to have 2 Finger Swipe Right map to ⌘+[

Some apps this "Go Back" shortcut doesn't work, natively... like Spotify, and Noteplan.

I was already using a BACK page and a FORWARD page shortcut in Spotify and wanted to Copy + Paste it to Noteplan, but didn't see a way to do this.

(btw... i added it globally but that's bad, b/c some apps DO natively have this gesture shortcut... so it actually will make an app like this, go back twice... i.e. Google Chrome, etc.)


Snapshot 2023-02-28 at 13.55.51

You can just use standard copy & paste (cmd+c, cmd+v)

You could also create a conditional activation group instead of adding the separate apps, that group could match all apps where you want to define that shortcut.