"Move mouse to" miss the target

@Andreas_Hegenberg Did you happen to change anything recently on this action?


Unfortunately it no longer works for me. In the BTT window that should move the mouse to "All Apps"


and then click. In relation to the top left corner of the BTT window. But when the BTT window is moved BTT clicks to nothing.

Not sure what has changed, but it seems to report the incorrect Y position for the BTT window. I'll add a fix to the next alpha!

Ok, thanks.

This was a really good idea


Have you considered doing something analog for the groups/apps?

Yep, making more parts of the BTT UI scriptable is on my TODO List :slight_smile:

It's enough for me if the "move mouse" action works again with a future alpha :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, I tried the action "search for image" to click on "all apps". This works well and fast. :slightly_smiling_face:

But one thing is very surprising: if "all apps" is already selected, and the shortcut is executed, the mouse does not move. BTT seems to recognize that everything is already as it is supposed to be after the action. This is good IF YOU KNOW IT, but very confusing when testing and you don't know it. :sweat_smile:

is the image you are searching for maybe a little different when it’s already selected?

It is this image


And yes, you're right of course, selected it looks a bit different. And I have already suspected BTT to be artificially intelligent. :joy:

I'm not sure I understand your explanation of the "threshold" correctly. 0.99 recognizes the image faster, but makes more errors than 0.01. Correct?