Move Mouse Position vertically (Y) to a fixed point, for any (X)

When working on my Audio workstation, I would like to have my Mouse [MOVE] to the TIME ruler when I invoke my trigger this is always at (412.000 Y co-ordinate) on my monitor.

It doesn't matter what the X value is, I basically want the mouse to go STRAIGHT UP ! from where it is, to X = unchanged, Y = 412.000

Try this with „Run Apple Script…":

use framework "Foundation"

set pt to current application's NSEvent's mouseLocation()
set y of pt to 412.0
current application's CGWarpMouseCursorPosition(pt)
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Hi Dirk,

Thanks for responding, but I’m not sure I’m clever enough to know how to use the information you gave me!

Is there a mod to BTT that would do what I would like to achieve?


BTT has "Run Apple Script…" Actions (asynchronous or blocking) for these individual requirements. Take one of them and copy the code into it. That is all you need to do.

Hi Dirk,
Yes I've just been playing and found the RUN AppleScript bit....

It works, I've added in a LEFT Click (down) then I can drag left or right easily ! Thanks

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