Move fullscreen app to next monitor

One can currently move a window to the next monitor. It's even possible to make it fullscreen after being moved. But it would be great to be able to send a fullscreen app to another monitor.

unfortunately I don't know of any way to achieve this.

+1 For this functionality.

I'm not sure if there's a way to detect whether an app is already fullscreen or not, but this feature would be nice. With the added bonus of separating the fullscreen action into three possible actions when creating a shortcut: enable fullscreen (no-op if already full), disable fullscreen (no-op if not fullscreen), and toggle.

For now, I have to set up two shortcuts for three actions. I use cmd+left to toggle fullscreen, cmd-right to move the window, and cmd+left again to bring the app back to fullscreen.

If you don't mind a slower workaround, you can add a few actions chained together:

  1. Toggle fullscreen
  2. Wait ~1s for animation
  3. Move window
  4. Wait ~1s for animation
  5. Toggle fullscreen
  6. Wait ~1s for animation
  7. Move window

This should cover the bases for the app either being fullscreen or not, and resulting in the app being in its initial state on the other screen, but it takes a few seconds. And I'm not sure what happens if the app doesn't support fullscreen.

Great suggestion! I'd really want this. I have a similar workflow, but having Toggle fullscreen first seems to have issues when already in fullscreen. I get a drop down next to my mouse for subsequent options that I have to click on. So, this seems to be a problem for me doing the following ^. Also, my current solution I need to click it twice to get the screen out of fullscreen and then move to the other screen and enter fullscreen.

My suggestion would be to have a single toggle button that: exits fullscreen if entered --> moves window to other screen --> enter fullscreen --> moves mouse to center of that screen --> activates window underneath cursor (if it isn't already activated).

If this can already be done, I'd love to head about it!