Move different aspects from presets to one: best way

I love BTT but the interface is sometimes hard to understand and to work with. I now have a couple of presents which I edited to my needs. But I really want to merge it all into one: my preset. This also fixes the menu icon that golden chaos has: I don't like that.

But there is the main "app list" with a copy feature (app + triggers or all triggers) but pasting them in a new preset is not really working.
Does anybody have some tips?

Automatically merging presets is currently not possible (might never be because this can be really complicated).

Currently the recommended way is to select the triggers you want to move to another preset, then use "Presets => Move to Preset" from the main menu to move them. However you can not select apps when doing that, you need to select the triggers inside of the app.

Okay, that is unfortunate :wink:
So, I manual 'copy' the apps (with conditions etc) by adding and set the conditions like they are in the other preset.

Then I select the groups * top lever triggers from that 'app' and I execute presets > move to other preset?

The master preset defines the app settings. So I'd recommend to create a new master preset (or set the one you already have as master) which you will use for everything. Then move the triggers as described (the apps will automatically be added to a preset if you move triggers to it). Then do the app settings you need on the master preset (if they need to be changed)

That does not work...
I have a source preset (from which I want to move things) and a clean, empty master preset (the destination). The latter only has "All apps" and "Finder" which are both empty.

  1. I select a few items in "All Apps", I select move > the move to the new preset under "All Apps".
  2. I select a few items in "Messages", I select move > nothing happens. When I add Messages, it is called "Berichten" (other macOS language), so that name doesn't match.
  3. Same as two but now with a conditional activation group "Messages", I won't move.
  4. And all other items won't move unless I make a conditional activation group of the same name from the source preset.

If you have an empty master preset and the languages don't match, I think the only solution is to add the apps you need to the master preset and the copy & paste the triggers from the other language apps. (cmd+c / cmd+v). When pasting triggers will always be added to the current master preset.