Move cursor focus to next monitor

I use BTT, and the question I would like to ask today is this. I have always been dragging specific windows to different(say. 2nd monitor) monitors while using multiple monitors. It has always been inconvenient and annoying. However, I successfully set up a shortcut in BTT to move a specific window to a different monitor by pressing a certain key combination. My question is, when I move a specific window to a different monitor in this way, I am curious if there is a way to also focus the mouse cursor on that moved window. Can you help with this?

Also, if possible, I am curious if there is an action in BTT that allows me to only move the mouse cursor focus to a different monitor and bring it back to the main monitor. Moving the mouse to a different monitor always required dragging, which was always cumbersome to do accurately.

Yes, you can use the "Move Mouse To Position" action and set the position relative to the active window:

With x 0 y 0 relative to the active window center, it would center the mouse in the window.

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thanks. "relative to : center of active window" this is what I was looking for.

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