Move All Windows to Next Monitor

Problem: After my mac has gone to sleep it wakes up with the desktops on external monitors switched. This results in the all application windows :left_right_arrow: switched to the opposite external monitory. Very frustrating if you like your windows in a specific order.

Solution: I was wondering if you could simply apply Maximize Window to the Next Monitory? I'm guessing it may be hard to tell which application is on which monitor. OR if you could swap the actual desktops somehow that would be even better.

Just thought I'd ask. Thanks for a great product. Does exactly what I need. Thanks!

For anyone with the same problem... I found a compromised work-around to this problem.

  1. Add extra desktops to your external montiors
  2. Switch to those empty desktops
  3. Move the desktops with all your windows to the other monitor

This has the benefit of not needing to move each window individually. However, still would be awesome to have a key combination to accomplish this.