Move all windows from one space to another

Hi! Is there a way to move all windows from one space to another? I'm trying to find a way to disable animation when switching spaces, so I thought that I would just be moving windows between spaces instead (as it seems not doable anymore with any hacks).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Currently not, but should be easy to add. So you'd basically exchange the windows on space y with the windows on space x?

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I was thinking to do so in order to "switch the desktop to another one without animation", but I just realized that when moving a window between desktops there is still an animation :frowning: Is it possible to move windows betwee desktops without any visual animations on macOS?

Yes, the new window switcher is doing that. (Also the "Show / Hide Specific App" action). I just haven't converted the move right/left actions to the method without animation (as I only discovered that recently)

Oh wait, so this means that it would be possible to move the windows without animations between spaces?

yes, I think it would be instant. I'll give it a try soon.

Oh wow, if we can make it, it will fix the biggest UX problem I have with fast work on macOS. I would be insanely thankful for testing that out!

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg, I just wanted to ask if you had a chance to look into this issue :slight_smile: No worries if not, just checking :slight_smile: