Move active window to specific Monitor without using move to next monitor command


I am using a MacBook Pro 14 inch M1 2021 and have a configuration with multiple external monitors (4 monitors). I want to move an active window to specific monitor by using a shortcut which includes for example the name of the monitor and then moves the active window to this named monitor. How can I solve this problem using BetterTouchTools? I do not want to use "Move to next monitor" command, because the configuration of connected monitors is every time different. In addition I do not want to think if I have to use Move to next or previous monitor. I simply want to use a command to say the activated application on which monitor it has to go.

For example sometimes I want to go 2 monitors to the right and sometimes I want to go 1 monitor to right, because the configuration is every time new as I told. For me it makes much more sense to use direct ┬┤links┬┤ or names of the monitors. How can I solve this problem?